Thursday, June 23, 2011

Technology That Empowers Me

Feeling empowered is a feeling that puts me high above the clouds. Which is why it is such a bad fall when that feeling goes away. Luckily, I have some forms of technology that keep me feeling empowered 24/7. My cell phone, ipod, and ipad help me to feel empowered. I know I had a life before I owned all three of these things, but I cannot remember how I managed. Having my cell phone, ipod, and ipad by my side help me feel in control of my life. My life is always on the go, half of my time is spent in my car, so having some feel of control is a great thing. My cell phone is my link to the world. I can get in touch with every member of my family, my friends, or any other person I need to converse with. My ipod is especially important to me because I live my life through music. If I am not talking to a person, I am listening to something on my ipod. Whether I am in the car, exercising, or just sitting around the house, I am listening to my music. My ipad is the newest addition, and it has by far taken up most of my time these days. I love the ipad because I can keep up with everything from my facebook, email, news, and my internet shopping. It really helps me take care of all my needs. Having some semblance of power in my own life is a necessary thing to help me keep myself sane. I am just lucky that technology is advanced enough to help me accomplish this.


  1. I don't remember what we did before cell phones either! It is empowering to have technology at our finger tips. It has changed how we communicate.

  2. I got my first cell phone in 1990 and boy was it big and expensive, my bills were $800 a month. I do not know how we lived without the "knowing" we can call someone forever. I remember using party lines and phone booths :) I love all forms of technology

  3. How can we use cell phones to teach with? Why not use them?