Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A regular day in the life of Lauren.

Every day starts the same. I usually get up at around 6:30 and go walking. I have started this new thing where I try and exercise every day. After I get back from walking, I let the dogs out and start cleaning. I start with the kitchen, and work my way from room to room. I do live with my parents. They both work all day, so I am "the force that keeps the gousehold running"...haha. I clean(which includes dusting and washing windows, the most dreadful things), I wash clothes, and cook lunch and supper. I also run errands for my parents and buy all the groceries. I honestly do not know what they will do when I finally move out! After I cool supper, my daddy and I usually have shows that we watch. My brothers and I do like to watch movies at night, because that is the only time I get to see them. They are always at some kind of sports practice. At the end of the day, I get ready for bed, and plan to do the same thing again the next day. It is not the most exciting plan I could have for spending my days, but it helps out and keeps my family going. If I did not have anything to do, I think I would go crazy just sitting at the house!

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